AddressTwo is a Small Business CRM that's Simple and Easy to Use.

Free Weekly CRM Training

Every Wednesday at 3:00pm (EST), AddressTwo hosts a free online training session for new to advanced users. Below is a general description of the topics covered each month. An open Q&A session will be held at the end of each training; questions outside the scheduled material are always welcome!

1st Wednesday of Every Month: CRM Basics (30-45 Minutes)

Signed up and ready to get started, or have a new team member that needs training? During this training seminar we will cover:

  • How to create Contacts... manually or through an upload
  • Tracking relationships through custom fields
  • Dashboard Overview
  • CRM Vocab and Terminology
  • "What's that button do?"
  • Adding Users to your account
  • 5 Simple Steps to habit building activities

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2nd Wednesday of Every Month: CRM Advanced (45-60 Minutes)

You've followed the 5 Step process for the last week and you're ready to learn more... During this training seminar we will cover:

  • Contact Clean Up... Export, Import, Purge, and more.
  • Absorbing & Deduplicating your CRM
  • How to use (and not use) Custom Fields
  • Advanced Segmentation tools: Lists vs Queries
  • Calendar Integrations

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3rd Wednesday of Every Month: Email Marketing (60 Minutes)

One of the most powerful features of AddressTwo is its email marketing tool. The Campaign Manager includes an easy-to-use email template designer, automated opt-out (unsubscribe) processing, and an easy-to-use report of click and open rates. During this Training we will cover:

  • Sender Profiles: how to create a profile and why it is important
  • Webform creation (i.e. 'sign up for our email newsletter' form on your website)
  • Basic to advanced Template design
  • Simple ideas for content creation
  • Basic Drip Marketing creation
  • Reports, and how to use them

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4th Wednesday of Every Month: Facebook Live Fireside Chats

Interview style with Nick Carter, Erin Contreras, and other industry experts discussing CRM, insider tips, and ways to apply the basics to everyday tasks that will really increase business.

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Throughout my career I have implemented and utilized a variety of CRM tools. While they all handled the basic functionality effectively, they were difficult to utilize.AddressTwo is simple and intuitive. I highly recommend it to the small business owner or entrepreneur.

AddressTwo is the best CRM system that I have used. More importantly Nick and his team have always been great. They are responsive, knowledgeable and have always been there to support me. I can without hesitation recommend AddressTwo!

I love AddressTwo! It is a simple, easy-to-implement CRM that is applicable for most small to medium sized businesses. It has served as the center of my business for communication, project management, and sales. I don't know what we would do without it.

I have used Addresstwo since near the beginning. It is simple and easy to use. It is very powerful and intuitive. However, you must put the time and effort in to learn how to use this great tool. Your database is perhaps your most valuable asset. A2 is a wonderful system to store that pot of gold. A2 pays for itself if you use it everyday. In fact, you are losing much more than it costs by NOT using it. Take care and take charge. mjt

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